Inside Out: Digital Signing

How Your Company Can Help with the Digital Signing Evolution.

Companies like TechLink can do many different types of functions for your business when it comes to digital signing. The systems that TechLink offer can run the gamut from helping to design, managing, execution, and follow-up after the project is in place. No matter how successful Techlink is, no matter how much planning and implementation they can offer, it is your company that can make or break the effort. Think of it as the inside out aspect of digital signing.

Each new product rollout relies on the information and access to it. You want your staff t be able to answer questions from customers and be able to speak with authority about how important the product or service will be to the end user. You give them tools, training, and often some enthusiastic speech about how this is the ‘future of the company’. I have one question: how is that approach working for you? Honestly?

If you are being honest, it probably is working with the acceptable limits of just okay. While companies like TechLink, the premiere digital sign installer in North America can help in almost every step of the way, no matter where the sign or screen is being installed, they cannot create advocates for the rollout without your help.

Here’s what you need to do.

TechLink partnership

How to make your TechLink project prosper: involve your staff

Talk up the project among supervisory staff first. Involving this group in some of the initial rollout meetings between you and companies like TechLink can help give them a certain amount of confidence that the new initiative will not be simply ‘sprung’ on them at completion. In this sort of inclusive type situation, they may have suggestions that could increase the overall return on your investment.

Talk up the progress of the project. In this phase, you want your supervisory staff know that the information you have is in front of their questions about the project’s progress. This will give them a sense that their input and participation is important. This will also help with the introduction of the signing to the real world. If your supervisors are well-respected among their group, they should have no problem generating the necessary enthusiasm among their direct charges.

This in-advance information, even if it is only piecemeal will create a feeling of inclusion and if it does not, you will have some valuable information on how they will eventually present it to customers. This will let you get ahead of the problem and address any issues. Of course, your project manager at TechLink can often help as well.

Talk about why you made this decision. A digital sign rollout will provide you with several ROI options. If it is supposed to act as information center, giving your customers knowledge for future purchases, then you will need to explain to your employees how you want the nurturing to take place, when, and how. If the signing is designed to get the customer to spend directly, such as with hotel kiosks or QSR applications, train your people on how to make the interface seem integral to the success of the company. If your supervisors have done a good job evangelacizing the program, the rollout should not be a shock. Rather it should be greatly anticipated.

Listen to the people – and the customers. In advance of any rollout, not all information is known. You have the best intentions of increasing the human value in the process of the rollout but may have missed a detail or two along the way. TechLink can iron out the details, work with your people, and complete the project in a timely manner. But some things will remain unknown until the digital signing is actually in place. Listen. And when you hear something, react. TechLink can help with those changes of direction.


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