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TechLink’s LTE Deployment Solution for your Company’s Connectivity

TechLink provides your contractor the ability to execute your company’s LTE deployment plan, guaranteeing that you will receive the consistent connectivity you need. Using the most advanced technology, we can offer superior 3G/4G LTE deployment that is fully functioning at the fastest speeds possible. The key to TechLink’s success begins with a focus on every facet of the 3G/4G LTE deployment project, from front end planning to problem detection and maintenance.

TechLink install, maintains, and tests your antenna to ensure uninterrupted wireless connectivity.

TechLink install, maintains, and tests your antenna to ensure uninterrupted wireless connectivity.

What is 3G/4G LTE Deployment?
3G/4G LTE (long term evolution) offers your business connectivity with a focus on a quantifiable profit projection. When TechLink deploys your project in conjunction with the contractor you hire, we understand that success depends on consistent revenue, customer satisfaction, and in many instances, business productivity. Any erosion in the ability of a company’s connectivity to service these revenue sources will have a direct impact on your profits.

3G/4G LTE deployment provides state-of-the-art wireless connectivity that meets or exceeds current industry standards. Because TechLink professionals, from project managers to field technicians understand these demands, system loads are monitored and tested to ensure maximum abilities are met and built with future connectivity expansion in mind.

How does 3G/4G LTE Deployment work?
3G, or third generation connectivity offers quick and efficient internet and is the most widely used system. 4G, or fourth generation is considered the fastest connectivity currently available. LTE is the scalable future of connectivity. TechLink understands that every project is different and the connectivity can vary from location to location. 4G cellular is still be constructed and is not as widely available as 3G systems. Each of these system connections comes with a different cost.

When TechLink builds a deployment plan, the system is built to be efficient and as fast as possible yet scalable for future generation availability. This requires expert technicians to not only maintain the current systems but build on those systems in a cost-effective way. Working directly with your contractor, TechLink can match, if not exceed your current expectations and system requirements.

TechLink's antenna deployment installations are built with 3G/4G LTE scalability in mind

TechLink’s antenna deployment installations are built with 3G/4G LTE scalability in mind.

What does this sort of deployment project entail?
Your TechLink deployment will include a clear mapping of the site. The RF site surveys conducted by the project manager will determine numerous factors including custom and external antenna installation requirements, projected energy needs, how your current WiFi systems work, and determining the need for wireless point-to-point applications. Any potential problems are identified in advance of the deployment to ensure there are no roadblocks during system implementation.

TechLink will also continue to monitor the system throughout the process for potential problems to ensure connectivity expectations are met. Our management, measurement, and reporting can all be monitored throughout the project using our customer portal.

TechLink understands the financial costs of each of these systems and works to find the right solution. Building each system to be scalable and often working with shared organized networks (SON), TechLink can improve and upgrade connectivity over time.

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