Satellite Installation

Your Company’s Connectivity begins with TechLink’s Satellite Installations

TechLink has developed one of the best satellite installation networks in North America. This is an important consideration for your business as you grow sales. We are the connectivity in your company’s success and working with your contractor, we provide the best in satellite installations.

TechLink works with your contractor as a partner, bringing our expertise to each step of the satellite installation project, from development to execution to maintenance. This inclusive service will give your contractor the confidence to make commitments to your company’s satellite connectivity plan knowing that TechLink will ensure that it is put in place, both seamlessly and profitability.

Why do you need outsourced satellite installation?

TechLink can install multi-unit dwelling satellite installations.TechLink can install multi-unit dwelling satellite installations.

TechLink can install multi-unit dwelling satellite installations.

TechLink is hired by your contractor because of our expertise. Outsourcing satellite installation projects makes sense for a number of reasons. A business should be able to reach customers anywhere at anytime. In many instances, this means reaching beyond urban centers to more rural or ex-urban locations. To do this, a business must escape the confines of ground-based broadband. Terrestrial broadband has distinct limitations and while adequate for big city applications, most businesses find vast, untapped customer bases well-beyond those boundaries. Outsourcing satellite installation is more cost-effective.

What should you look for in a satellite installation?

There are distinct bottom-line advantages to outsourcing a company’s satellite installation project. Because TechLink has a reliable network of professional project managers and experienced field specialists who work with your contractor during the entire process, you can refocus any and all concerns you might have on the opportunities.

Outsourcing these types of highly technical operations is not only a sound business model but profitable as well. The cost of hiring, maintaining, and training in-house personnel to complete short-term projects can escalate quickly. TechLink removes those costs by hiring technicians that are constantly upgrading their expertise as new technologies evolve. This save valuable time and money.

What can TechLink provide to your business satellite installation projects?

TechLink expertly installs and maintains auto-deploy satellite installations.

TechLink expertly installs and maintains auto-deploy satellite installations.

TechLink offers a unique customer portal that allows your contractor to monitor every step of the project. They will have access to world class expertise without break-the-bank expenditures. Because of TechLink’s planning and management of the project, the lead times are often greatly reduced. The satellite installation we are hired to do will be both seamless and efficient.

These types of projects do sometimes come with significant risk. TechLink’s extensive experience with previous satellite installation projects however is folded into your company’s/contractor’s plan, factoring those risks into the project, and providing excellent operational installation and maintenance, back-end customer support, and the newest technology.

TechLink will help your contractor plan and develop the project, working to ensure your company’s money is well-spent. We have long-term relationships with the biggest contractors in the business. Our expertise, even if it is only as a third party, can play a significant role in helping your business grows.Head Ends

TechLink brings your business to underserved or unserved customers in a cost-effective, seamless way that will allow you to focus on growing your business without worrying about your connectivity. TechLink provides a multitude of Satellite Experienced Installers with the ability to expertly install and maintain HDTV Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) installations, SMATV Auto Deploy projects, Distribution Racks and Head Ends.

TechLink is the company you want your contractor to hire, so you can grow the company you own.

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