TechLink Partner Spotlight: Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 2003
  • Headquarters: Bend, OR
  • Partner with TechLink since 2008
  • 1,300 work orders with TechLink completed to date
  • Deployment of 4G/LTE and Satellite solutions with Cradlepoint devices

Q: Broad Sky Networks first partnered with TechLink in April of 2008. What have the last nine years been like as a TechLink partner?

A: Working with TechLink as an exclusive partner has enabled us to take our solution deployments nationwide with an installation footprint that would have been difficult – if not impossible –  without a reliable partner. A lot of other installation companies say they have nationwide coverage, but TechLink technicians truly go anywhere. Many times, our clients need solutions installed in remote locations and we have yet to find a place these technicians can’t go! It’s been great knowing that our installation service area is virtually limitless – something we were unable to find with other installation companies.

Q: How important is a partner like TechLink to Broad Sky’s go to market strategy?

A: Every one of our clients relies on the Internet for business connectivity applications like POS, SAP, CRM, and VoIP. Many of them battled the typical internet challenges like disparate carrier coverage and downtime issues.  Broad Sky deploys primary and backup 4G/LTE and Satellite solutions for business and government clients that can’t afford to be without that connectivity. Our business is to keep people operating in their business. TechLink’s business is to get people out there to make it happen.

Most importantly, it’s a symbiotic relationship with an exceptional focus on the client experience and end design installation. TechLink does just that. They continue to exceed client expectations and provide us with multi-faceted technicians that can do everything from CAT 5 terminations to large-scale IoT projects in digital signage and outdoor menu boards. Since we offer a multitude of different solutions for our clients, it’s imperative that we have access to the talents and skill sets that TechLink’s technicians provide. They have done a great job of finding and training technicians that can handle whatever we throw at them.

At the end of the day, partnering with TechLink gives us a huge competitive advantage over our competition. The integration into our API allows us to provide a much higher level of client and partner satisfaction, real-time communications with technicians, and faster field service deployments. That gives us an edge in the market – something our competitors aren’t doing today.

Q: How valuable has the SIMPL portal and MOBI app been in managing Broad Sky clients and solution deployment?

A: The systems that we have in-house are designed to track equipment, so for TechLink to tie into our API and give us a single-pane of glass for monitoring workforce systems, orders, and track specific data for each job is invaluable. The portal is extraordinarily comprehensive and provides us with the ability to see job details like technician arrival and departure times, milestones, and complete documentation. Our clients also have access to all of the job’s pictures and notes, which keeps our clients at ease and again gives them a great customer experience.

The mobile app was just the icing on the cake for the SIMPL portal. Before, they would have to go back to the office and compile all the data, which could take days, sometimes weeks. With MOBI, we can get instant access and real-time reporting which is a game changer for Broad Sky and our clients.

Q: It sounds like it’s been a great nine years. What’s next for the Broad Sky and TechLink partnership? Where do you see this headed as you move into the next few years?

A: We’re excited to see what’s next as technology continues to evolve. With the proliferation of IoT and M2M technologies and 5G on the horizon, we will need to be able to respond with innovative solutions and knowledgeable installation technicians to deploy those solutions. Fortunately, with TechLink as a partner, we have 100% confidence that they will be able to help deploy those solutions no matter where the technology takes us.