Client Update

“No-Contact” Installation / Service Work Available

At TechLink our number one priority is your health, your customer’s health and the health and safety of our technicians during this most difficult time.

We are all trying to follow the CDC/WHO guidelines on Covid-19, particularly as it relates to “social distancing”. As we work to maintain business continuity for our clients and technicians, we would like to offer you an alternative to cancelling work orders.

If you have an upcoming scheduled job with TechLink, our team can take extra precautions and can perform a No-Contact Installation / Service Work Order:

  1. Our technician will reach out to your Point of Contact by phone once on site rather than in person.
  2. All interactions between technician and Point of Contact can be conducted over the phone.

Please understand that in an effort to protect both our clients and our technicians, if anyone at your customer’s place of business shows obvious signs of being ill, our technicians are instructed to respectfully decline the work unless it can be performed without coming in contact with that individual.

If you would like to request a work order to be “No-Contact”, please contact your TechLink PM.

Thank you,
Bobby Kelley