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How to Make Your Digital Signs Pop!

How many CEOs watching the Portland Trailblazers looked at the huge gossamer-like screens hanging the Moda Center and wondered whether they could use them for their business? If you have never witnessed an Blazer introduction, particularly when they are in a red hot playoff atmosphere, four large see-through screens are unfurled and when the lights go down, logos, and players are portrayed in building high glory. It is just as awesome to behold at home as it is doubly fun to witness in the arena.

There is a challenge when we witness digital signing of this nature. It is unique and compelling. But is it effective in garnering new customers? Is the chance that your signing will create an interactivity spurred on by the increased use of smartphones and tablets enough to garner additional sales? NEC’s Director of Sales – Vertical Solutions, Richard Ventura, and NEC’s National Manager for Solutions Sales and Operations, Michael Ferrer believes it is. He recently suggested, “Always remember that the requirements of a project are what will drive its uniqueness.”

outdoor digital signing

Outdoor Digital Signing by Techlink can offer the ability to capture attention where your customers are.

TechLink is in the business of creating that “uniqueness” on several levels. By coordinating with your vision, TechLink joins your ideas with the best project managers, experienced field technicians, and advanced technology to make your customers notice.

Translucent screening, like the type mentioned during the Trailblazer introductions can be used, and have been deployed in retail locations with the desired results. Some retailers have used this format to illuminate store front facades. Because of this technological march from inside displays to outdoor digital signing, your company’s vision can be realized with the right partner capable of advancing those ideas.

Businesses can now consider options for digital outdoor signing that enables your company to broadcast effectively allowing your advertising to create a new profit model. This enriched content delivery can be used to go beyond business uses. When applied to government applications, it can also create social value. These solutions can achieve a centralized messaging that allows your company to display a wide variety of diversified information on a single screen.

TechLink can couple this ever-expanding technology with logistical options that will increase overall profitability. Outsourcing projects such as these have proven the most cost-effective method of digital sign messaging. Because of the inherent complications, companies such as TechLink bring experience and ingenuity to every project without increasing your company’s labor force.

TechLink can help you design a system that offers accurate messaging focused on your audience, effective delivery with sophisticated broadcast systems, remote control that allows client management while at the same time controlling overall bandwidth, and lastly, complete content safety. TechLink can help your company go from being seen to becoming uniquely visual.



Three Considerations for a Regional or National Digital Signage Rollout

By Jordan Parker Means | Contributing writer,
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A wide-scale digital signage rollout across multiple locations and territories is a complex, yet increasingly common endeavor. According to the Digital Screenmedia Association, digital signage is growing at a rate of more than 20 percent annually across all industries, including the fast casual restaurant segment. It is possible to achieve a smoothly implemented, widespread rollout using a project management system to oversee the entire project. This white paper, sponsored by TechLink Services, will detail three necessary components of such a rollout.

Techlink_WP_aug15_1Project management

The elements associated with the planning, installation, and deployment of digital signage are quite complex. Often, owners or select IT personnel face the task of coordinating various vendors to fulfill the numerous parts of the process. Beyond physical installation, these incremental steps include Internet networking, data cabling, and electrical installation.

“It is common to see an individual from an IT department assigned to a digital signage project. The problem is that the project quickly becomes complex, and when the assigned individual has other duties, the project can stall or run into complications,” said Michael Mudd, CEO, TechLink Services.

Turnkey project management takes the opposite approach. Under this model, a single project manager who functions outside of the end client has the sole duty of overseeing the project. The project manager handles all details from start to finish. A large-scale rollout has its own set of complexities, which becomes even more convoluted as the number of individuals working on the project expands. If one individual is knowledgeable of the entire project ecosystem and all working parties, the project will likely flow more smoothly.

Project managers provide frontline communication between the field service technician and the site POC. PMs schedule the service or installation and test equipment as built photographs and completion documents. Field representatives are frequently the face of the company to customers, and they should show sufficient professionalism, courtesy, and expertise to reflect positively on both organizations.

National footprint

Typically, multiple installers handle a rollout across a single region. Those installers are often in no way interconnected. That disconnect creates a situation where each person working on the project has to learn the system, increasing the likelihood of discrepancies and mistakes. When a company with a national footprint steps into the fold, the picture changes. In this scenario, the same installers do the same work across a given region. They are trained and equipped with the information necessary to ensure uniform installation. When the rollout is national in scope, installers do not have to travel from region to region, which slows the installation process. Instead, various regions use a set of predetermined installers. In turn, projects stay within parameters and on schedule.

For example, TechLink provides qualified technicians throughout the U.S. and Canada and provides online training through SIMPL online portal. All technicians maintain and retrieve site documentation, testing procedures, and sign-out information through SIMPL, ensuring standardized installation and service procedures across the nation.


As with any technology, continued maintenance requirements are inevitable. Whether it is because of a break in service, an essential system update, or an equipment failure, the need for upkeep remains despite the level of technological advancement. Without a systematic way to place and track maintenance requests, ensuring consistency is nearly impossible. When working with customer-facing digital signage, such errors may result in inaccurate information being displayed to customers or a shutdown in service. The project manager should support rapid responses across the nation by providing technicians with spares, when requested by the customer, to accommodate rapid response contracts. In today’s world, many digital signage and digital menu board layouts are crucial to the success of a company. The PM should be there to ensure equipment is fixed right the first time.

Without a systematic way to place and track maintenance requests, ensuring consistency is nearly impossible.

TechLink Service and Installation Management Portal (SIMPL) is a valueadded component of the company’s project management offerings. It was developed to provide clients a method of keeping up with orders or repair requests and subsequent maintenance fulfillment. SIMPL removes the ambiguities from the process, as requests on the customer end and fulfillment on the TechLink end are submitted and tracked through the portal. It creates a maintenance history, which can track where an order stands in the maintenance process. Another added benefit is that the history can simplify future repair needs. Each SIMPL client portal is uniquely created to meet client needs. A regional or national digital signage project rollout is complex, and there is no way of getting around that fact. However, by using a project manager model, the complexities can be drastically diminished. The approach is one that organizes the project in a way that ensures quality, consistency, and effective response to any issue that may arise.

About the Sponsor
TechLink Services is the leader of retail, QSR, and kiosk clients for field services, including digital signage and digital menu boards, order confirmation and loop timers, information and interactive kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, and much more. TechLink also provides all professional services on a private white-label basis to system integrators, value-added resellers, and equipment manufacturers.

TechLink joins the Digital Signage Federation

TechLink is proud to announce that we are now a member of the Digital Signage Federation. “A great deal of time was spent researching the value of DSF, not only the value it adds to TechLink but more importantly the value that TechLink adds to the Federation” states Ron Zippi, VP of Business Development for TechLink. “We wanted to be positive that we brought a segment to the DSF that its current members would recognize as an asset” adds Zippi.

TechLink’s continued expansion in the Digital Signage world encompasses hospitality, commercial signage, Quick Service Restaurants, the automotive industry as well as the retail industry. The DSF is the perfect entity for TechLink to bring superior installation and maintenance services too. “Our ability to launch rollouts throughout North America provides the DSF with a well groomed outfit to provide the finishing touch to the end user” states Zippi.

TechLink is in the process of certifying our program managers through the DSEG certification courses ensuring highly skilled support for our customer’s implementations.
TechLink would like to extend a thank you to Alan Brawn of Brawn Consulting for all of his effort and time that he directed our way. Alan was more than accommodating through our endless questions and research and his enthusiasm for the DSF was a welcoming experience.

Broad Sky Networks, Lead Provider of Broadband Internet Services, Enters Exclusive Installation Partnership With TechLink Services

Broad Sky Networks, LLC today announced that it has entered into an exclusive installation partnership with TechLink Services, LLC. Broad Sky provides high-speed Internet connectivity via satellite to Enterprise businesses, retailers and tele-commuters. TechLink Services, LLC is the premiere field service provider for the delivery of nationwide telecommunications installations and services.

Bend, OR & Asheville, NC (PRWEB) September 8, 2008 — Broad Sky Networks, LLC announced today that it has entered into an exclusive installation partnership with TechLink Services, LLC. Broad Sky provides high-speed Internet connectivity via satellite to Enterprise businesses, retailers and tele-commuters. TechLink Services, LLC is the premiere field service provider for the delivery of nationwide telecommunications installations and services.

Mike Mudd, President of Broad Sky Networks located in Bend, OR, is elated to have finally found a single vendor for all installations of broadband, VoIP and networking equipment. “Our exclusive partnership with TechLink covers all of North America and into the Caribbean, which meets the needs of our rapidly growing company,” said Mudd.

“Along with our highly skilled network of professional installers located throughout North America, TechLink has invested heavily in our fully customizable client and installer portal. It allows for a single repository for any and all information pertaining to a service or installation call, from order submission and updates to the final sign off,” said Carl Gittings, President of TechLink. “TechLink’s combination of personal service, web-based scheduling and dispatch, and top-notch field service technicians is a great match for Broad Sky Networks. We are very pleased to make this announcement, with additional partnerships to be announced later in the year.”

About TechLink Services

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, TechLink Services is the new leader of private label wholesale professional services to carriers, service providers, systems integrators, VARs and equipment manufacturers. TechLink’s portfolio of services include 24×7 Field Services, such as inside wiring and equipment installation, and Order Fulfillment Logistics, such as equipment configuration, staging, testing and shipping. Combined with an extensive network of North American installers and a customized web-based portal, TechLink is able to provide their clients with quick and trouble-free installation experiences. More information is available at

About Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks is the leading provider of business class satellite Internet communications services in North America. Broad Sky leverages its wide selection of broadband satellite carriers, Voice over IP (VoIP), private and public security technologies to enable businesses to lower costs, increase security and enhance productivity. Businesses of all sizes can easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, branch offices, retail locations, mobile workers, and business partners anywhere. More information on the company is available at

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